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NEW! - Test the [ui!] COCKPIT - Configurator

Start digitization with your community or region - with self-configured visualizations of your urban data

uiCOCKPIT Konfigurator01

For many years, [ui!] has successfully provided communities and regions with its [ui!] COCKPIT for the visualization of urban data. Now, handling and commissioning has been made considerably easier again by means of a configurator.

The configurator allows you to customize the appearance and content (tiles) of the [ui!] COCKPIT. You can select the desired theme tiles from a tile catalog and install them according to your wishes. You can also integrate your own logo and customize the design. So you don't need any programming skills to create your individual, communal or regional [ui!] COCKPIT.

The result is your own self-configured [ui!] COCKPIT with your individual choice of desired tiles. No two communities are alike, so this configurator holds the unique possibility to freely design the cockpit according to your own wishes and needs.

uiCOCKPIT Konfigurator02

Our goal is that in the medium term, our customers will be able to generate and use a complete instance of the [ui!] COCKPIT, including the [ui!] UrbanPulse data platform, themselves in the cloud through hyperautomation. In this way, we are gradually removing the hurdles to digital transformation, towards the digital twin of the city.
To also make it easier to get started with the configurator, a tutorial is displayed on first startup to guide users step-by-step through the configurator and its comprehensive functionalities.
Each configuration is stored individually in the browser and can of course also be exported and imported..

Feel free to test our configurator yourself at .