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    Four steps to a smart city or smart region with [ui!]


How can our municipality become smart?

What do I need and where do I get support from?
  • What do I need to consider?
  • What do I need?
  • How can I use existing data?
  • What options do we have for presenting our data?
  • How do I support administrative staff in making decisions?
  • Is the data in real time?
  • What costs will we incur?
  • Are there any funding opportunities?

We will be happy to answer your questions and accompany you on your journey. Below you will find four options that are necessary or very helpful for the successful digitalisation of your municipality:

1. Digitale Basis-Infrastruktur

Offene Urbane Datenplattform

The Open Urban data Platform [ui!] UrbanPulse forms the basis for a large number of data-driven use cases and future projects to tackle the challenges facing a city or region.

It is a digital infrastructure for integrating existing and new types of infrastructure, data storage and services from the public and private sectors.

  • We support cities, municipalities, districts and regions in their efforts to collect, process and analyse all existing and anonymised urban data on a central data platform and make it available for new services as added value for cities, municipalities and utility service providers.

  • These solutions are based on an open urban data platform - the [ui!] UrbanPulse - where all the data from a city's various IT systems is uploaded so that it can be used for new smart city services in real time. It fulfils the current requirements of DIN SPEC 91357 - Reference Architecture Model Open Urban Platform (OUP).

  • Using a large number of connectors, we are able to link a wide variety of IT systems with one another in such a way that all of a city's information can be utilised and made visible, while at the same time data sovereignty remains with the respective provider. In this way, the platform not only provides integrated access to urban data, it also prevents the risk of data misuse.


The digitalisation of the public sector generates municipal data as part of digital applications and municipal infrastructures using digital measurement and control devices. This data is often stored in silos in municipal infrastructures and is used in a specialised and isolated manner. By using a municipal data platform in accordance with DIN SPEC 91357, this data can be securely brought together in a central location.

Connectors overview

Below is a reference list of some of the connectors already available in [ui!] UrbanPulse. Please note that some connectors require additional fees and licences from third-party providers:

Acoem Duo 01db (Noise sensors)
AGT (Video analytics pedestrian recognition)
Alperia E-Mobility (Charging stations)
Alperia IoT Hub (cloud-to-cloud connector)
AQMesh (Air quality data)
Aquiba (Water Meter Systems)
Aruba (Smart WiFi Systems)
ATB Park & Display (Parking Ticketing Systems)
Australian Bureau of Meteorology (climate data)
Bayern Cloud (tourism data)
BaumHoch4 (ground moisture)
Berliner Luftgütemessnetz (Environm. sensors)
Bernard Brenner (Parking sensors)
Bernard Brenner Data center (Parkingsites management system)
BigBelly (Smart Trash bins)
Birtinya Parking (Smart Parking)
Breeze (Environmental sensors)
Brisbane Parking (Parking occupancy sensors)
Brisbane Traffic (Traffic detector data)
Brunata (Heating meter)
Cairns (Smart Parking System)
Cambio (Car sharing platform)
Casambi (Smart Lighting)
Chargecloud (Charging stations)
ChargeIt (Charging data)
ChargePointOperator (OCPI Charging data)
Cisco Meraki (Smart WiFi Systems)
Civento (Construction Sites)
Clean City Networks (Waste bin data)
Cleverciti OffStreet (Parking Management)
Cleverciti OnStreet (Parking Management)
Cleverciti Ticks (Parking Management)
Cologne Parking (Parking garages data)
Cologne Traffic (Traffic flow data, Traffic Obstructions)
Comark Laser Scanner (Bike detection sensors)
Connctd IoT (Smart Home System)
Continental Carsharing (Car sharing platform)
Corona Incidence Report (COVID-19 Situation)
Count and Care (MQTT connector)
Crossfleet (Car sharing platform)
CSV Data (generic data import)
Datex II (traffic data)
DB ParkSpace (Parking Data)
DB Flinkster (Car Sharing)
DB Call a Bike (Bike Sharing
DEFAS (Public Transport data)
DFKI onboard Unit (Car Telemetry Interface)
Discovergy (Smart Meter data)
Duo Smart Noise (Noise sensors)
Eco-counter (Traffic count data)
e-sensio urban SmartBox (Environmental Sensors)
EarthSense (Air Quality)
Eluminocity (Charging data)
Emio (Environmental sensors)
EnBW Sm!ght (Smart lamp post, Environmental Sensing & EV Charger)
Enevo (Waste bin data)
e-netz InfoMap (Construction Sites)
Entega (Energy Distribution Grid)
Feratel (Event Calendar)
FHEM (Smart Home System)
FlareSense (Environmental data)
FlexDB (Energy data management system)
Fleximodo (parking sensors)
Fleximoto (Water level sensors)
FLIR Flux (Traffic Camera Server System)
FLIR ITS (Traffic Cameras)
Floodmon (Flood Monitoring System)
GfS (Noise & weather station)
GoodMoovs Tomp (Car sharing platform)
Go Space Parking (Parking data)
Graphmasters Nunav (Traffic forecasts)
GreenWay (Digital Signs)
Group Alarm (Alarm notification system for mission critical operations)
GTFS (Public transport data)
H2MParking (Temporary parking data collection)
HAMIS (Harbor information system)
Hawadawa (Environmental sensors)
Hessenalarm (Alarm notification system for mission critical operations)
HLNUG Messdatenportal (Environmental data)
HLNUG WISKI (water level data)
Homee (Smart Home data)
Hubeleon (Chargepoint Management System)
Hystreet (Passenger Frequency)
ICE Gateway (Environmental sensors)
INCOTEC (Passenger Frequency)
INRIX (Parking data)
Intelliport IPS-403 NB-IoT (Traffic Sensor)
JSON Schema (generic data import)
KairosDB (Timeseries Database Connector)
Kerlink LoRa IoT Station (LoRaWAN Gateway)
Kimley Horn KITS (Traffic data)
Klimaherzen (CO2-Savings Incentive system)
KNX (Building Management System)
KVB (Public transport station data)
LanUV (NRW environment data)
Las Vegas Traffic (Traffic detector & signal state data)
Libelium Plug&Sense Smart City (Sensor devices)
Libelium Plug&Sense Smart Environment (Sensor devices)
Libelium Plug&Sense Smart Environment Pro (Sensor devices)
LuenNi (Niedersachsen environment data)
manageE (per second energy meter)
Marine traffic (Ship monitoring system)
MDM (moblity data marketplace)
Mobileeee (e-Carsharing data)
Modality (Container management system)
Modbus (Building Management System)
MOL BuBi (Hungarian bike sharing platform)
MQTT (generic MQTT Receiver)
Mr. Fill (Smart Trash bins)
Munisense (Noise sensors)
Netatmo (Environmental Sensors)
nextbike (Bike sharing platform)
Node Red (Data flow system)
NXP (RFID tag data)
NYC Traffic (Traffic detector & signal state data)
OCIT-C (Standard for Traffic Management Systems)
OCPI Last Mile Solutions (EV charging)
Olbring (water level sensors)
One M2M (cloud-to-cloud connector)
OpenWeatherMap (Weather data)
OWLET Nightshift (Luminaire status and energy consumption data)
OWLET IOT (Luminaire status and energy consumption data)
Philips City Touch (Smart Lighting)
Pimcore Plattform (Asset Management)
Public Wifi (generic Wifi Locations)
Purple Air (Environmental Sensors)
Purple Wifi (Smart WiFi System)
RhineCloud (Parking data)
Reekoh (cloud-to-cloud connector)
RMV (Public Transport in Hessian, Germany)
RTB Verkehrstechnik (Traffic counting systems)
Ruckus (Smart WiFi System)
RUDIS (cloud-to-cloud connector)
SAP Open e-Mobility (Charging Stations)
Scheer (Energy management)
Schréder EXEDRA (Smart Lighting)
Screen scraper (Data extraction from websites)
SCC geoserver (spatial data)
SCC Solarfarm (PV and weather data)
Scheidt & Bachmann (parking data)
Scoot (Adaptive Traffic Control Systems)
Seeketing Observer (Pedestrians frequency)
Sensoterra (ground moisture)
SensorThings (Open Geospatial Consortium-Standard)
Sentry (MQTT broker)
SIEMENS SENTRON (Energy Monitoring & Power Distribution)
SIEMENS (Traffic Management Systems)
Smart City Systems (Parking Data)
Smart Link (Irrigation data)
Spot (Environmental Sensors)
SPP Analytics (Signal Phase Timings)
Stadtwerke Aalen (Parking management)
Sustainder Brokerage (Smart Lighting)
SWARCO KR (Traffic Management System)
SWARCO TMS (Traffic Management System)
Swisstraffic (Traffic detector data)
Tier Mobility (Scooter Sharing)
Tom Tom (Traffic data)
Translink (Public transport data)
Tüga Plusportal (Smart Wifi System)
TVILIGHT (Smart Lighting)
[ui!] TRAFFIC (inner City traffic density)
Vaisala (Environment – receives pushed data)
Vaisala beacon cloud (Environment sensors)
Vaisala Mobile Detector (road conditions)
Vaisala WX Horizon (road conditions)
Vaisala Xweather (Environment sensors)
VDH (Traffic counting & video)
Vivacity Labs Tracks (Traffic management)
Vivacity Labs V2 (Traffic management)
Vivarium (Smart Zoo)
Viom Floating Car Data (FCD)
WaveScape (Crowd based sound measurement platform)
Wikidata (City Info)
Wordpress (Newsfeed)
YellowMap (Charging stations in Germany)
Ymatron (Waste bin data)
Zenner ElementIoT (LoRaWAN network server)
Zendesk (Ticketing system)
Zeta (Charging controller)
ZTIX (Event Calendar)

Weitere Konnektoren sind aktuell in der Entwicklung…

2. Visual processing of the data

Generate and visualise knowledge from data

The data collected, analysed and processed on the [ui!] UrbanPulse open data platform is presented to interested citizens in a user-friendly way via the web-based application [ui!] COCKPIT visual. Various municipal topics are presented in different "tiles", such as

  • The data for the land utilisation (available green space in comparison to the built-up area) are shown.
  • Information on waste management (amount of waste compared to the proportion of recycled waste) can be visualised.
  • CO2 savings: This tile offers the possibility to display the CO2 emissions saved in the various areas. aufzulisten und tagesaktuell zu vergleichen.
  • Energy mix: The energy efficiencies of the various municipal properties can be presented and compared here in a very comprehensible manner, similar to the energy performance certificate. At the same time, a target value can be defined.
  • Energy history: Here you can see how much energy has been generated from various sources over the last 7 days, including renewable energy sources compared to fossil fuels.
  • Renewable energies: In line with the "Energy history" tile, you can view the generation and share of renewable energies in a pie chart.

Environmental protection

  • Environmental measurement data: We offer you several available tiles for this use case.
  • Smart Waste: Intelligent waste bins of the "Big Belly" or "Mr Fill" type can be connected.
  • Noise pollution: Sensors that continuously record noise pollution can be integrated for this use case. These are clearly displayed on a tile.
  • Flood protection: A tile is available for the flood protection use case, which both citizens and decision-makers can use to constantly view the current water level.

Energy efficiency

  • Charging infrastructure: The charging stations of a provider can be integrated. A suitable connector must already be available for the provider.
  • Street lighting: Municipal street lights can be integrated and displayed. The luminaires must come from the same system - this currently includes Schréder Exedra, Philips CityTouch and Schréder Owlet IoT.
  • Astro clock: The planned individual switching times of the street lighting depending on the times of the sun are graphically processed and clearly displayed here. This enables the local authority to estimate how much electricity will be consumed by the sun-controlled switching times today.
  • Presence-dependent lighting control: If you have installed a lighting control system that regulates the brightness depending on presence, you can connect this to [ui!] EASY and display both the current brightness and the course of the day in the [ui!] COCKPIT.
  • Energy savings: In addition to the "Energy history" tile, you can view the total annual energy saved here. This is compared with the previous year and displayed as CO2 equivalents saved.
  • Solar energy: The output of a PV system varies and naturally depends on the available solar radiation. With this tile, you can see directly how much the municipal PV systems connected to the data platform are currently generating, as well as the accumulated energy over the day.
  • City information: This tile displays information on the area of the city, the current number of inhabitants, the number of data sources and other important key figures. This tile is always automatically included in the [ui!] EASY solution.

Mobility, traffic & parking space management

  • Smart Parking: The percentage occupancy of parking spaces can be displayed in a tile. This includes both on-street parking sensors and camera-based systems that record the occupancy of a parking space.
  • Parking: In addition to the "Smart Parking" tile, various parking spaces and their current utilisation can be integrated here. These are displayed in rotation so that the user has an overview of all the car parks in the municipality that are recorded and connected.
  • Modal split: The "Modal split" tile can be used to visualise how modalities are used in the municipality. It can be used to answer citizens' questions, e.g. how many people use public transport, the bicycle or their own car.
  • Charging stations: The occupancy of several charging points at one location is shown in a list. At the same time, it is also recorded whether the associated car park is also available. In this way, users can see in advance whether it is worth travelling to the charging point.
  • Digital city tour: You can use this tile to invite your citizens to take a digital city tour. Of course, you can also link another application here that invites citizens to interact more.
  • Traffic monitoring: This tile shows you the current traffic volume and the vehicles counted over the last 24 hours at a glance. You can immediately see anomalies and recognise recurring patterns and take specific and targeted measures to counteract any increased traffic volume.
  • Traffic-dependent light control: As with presence-dependent light control, which is primarily aimed at pedestrians, it is of course also worth adapting the light control of the street lighting to the traffic. With this tile, you can view both the counted vehicles and thus the current traffic, as well as the progression over time.
  • Traffic information: This tile displays the current roadworks in the area of the municipality in a user-friendly way. The map view complements this tile perfectly, as users can view the current and even planned roadworks directly on the map.


Using the [ui!] Festival COCKPIT, which was specially developed for large events, important data such as traffic volume and traffic speeds, weather data, car park occupancy, visitor numbers, temperature and environmental data, towing procedures and much more can be displayed on a control station in real time. This means that those responsible have an up-to-date overview at all times and can intervene if necessary.

>> Click here and create your own COCKPIT
You have the option of putting together the tiles for your COCKPITS yourself. Just get started...

3. [ui!] DATALAB

Municipal situation picture using AI - as a decision-making aid

In addition to the provision of urban data prepared using [ui!] UrbanPulse for a public COCKPIT, further, more detailed information can be made available to decision-makers in a [ui!] DATALAB for the creation of a real-time-based, municipal situation picture to improve decision-making.

The visualisation tool is scalable and allows users to create their own queries and analyses. Different types of visualisation support this, such as

  • Line charts
  • Bar charts
  • Gauge diagrams
  • Heatmaps
  • 2D maps
  • 3D maps
  • data tables
  • and more...

Further filter options are:

  • Date and time filter
  • Slider
  • Selection filter
  • and more...


We offer automated, time series-based forecasting services based on artificial intelligence for a wide range of data sources. Forecast horizons are up to one week into the future. Forecasts complement historical data in a way that allows you to move from reacting to acting for different use cases.

Recommendations for action

Based on [ui!]'s data analyses, you receive recommendations for action in natural language or with graphical components.

4. Our solutions for your areas of activity

Further details on our subject areas and specific offers can be found in our municipal market place for Smart City and Smart Region solutions:
[ui!] AGORA  -

[ui!] UrbanPulse

The basis for your urban data


[ui!] UrbanPulse

Basic product
  • Open Urban Data Platform


Environmental and microclimate



Function blocks
  • Soil moisture measurement
  • Air quality
  • Noise monitoring
  • Water Level Measurement
  • ...


Climate protection



Function blocks
  • Climate protection monitor


Visualisation of your municipal data



Basic product
  • Web-based data visualisation

[ui!] Traffic

Traffic and parking space optimisation



Function blocks
  • Parking distribution
  • Parking search traffic
  • Parking space monitoring
  • Parking space forecast
  • ...

[ui!] EASY

An easy start to digitalisation


[ui!] EASY

Function blocks
  • Smart City starter pack


Forecast & recommendations for action



Basic product
  • Specialist application for municipal decision-makers

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

[ui!] M2CHARGE

Charging station management


[ui!] M2CHARGE

Function blocks
  • Charging point management
  • Billing and payment
  • roaming
  • Smart Charging
  • Energy systems


Entry counselling & workshops



Function blocks
  • Workshops and counselling

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