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The [ui!] Company group

Prof. Dr. Dr. e.h. Lutz Heuser
CEO & Co-Founder of [ui!]
The [ui!] GROUP is a synergy of the three divisions:
  • Software development - [ui!] Urban Software Institute,
  • Urban infrastructures - [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations.
  • Sustainable mobility concepts - [ui!] Urban Mobility Innovations (B2M)
and its subsidiaries in Australia, the United Kingdom, Hungary and the USA.

[ui!] is worldwide active and advises municipalities, cities and metropolitan regions in their strategic planning to implement ambitious climate targets, optimize existing and expand with new urban infrastructure, a more sustainable mobility concept and new energy concepts in urban areas. Energy suppliers as well as municipal and private companies are customers and partners when it comes to the implementation and operation of Smart City infrastructures.

Founded with the charter to closely accompany the European innovation partnership "Smart Cities and Communities", the [ui!] GROUP supports cities, districts and regions worldwide on their way to reach the set climate protection goals with the support of digitalization as well as innovative concepts and solutions.

Climate protection, citizen benefits and economically successful services and solutions are not mutually exclusive, but complement each other to form a sustainable alliance for the future of urban space.

Therefore the companies of the [ui!] GROUP focus on cloud-based services in the following areas:
  • Open Urban Data Platform as the basis for digital transformation
  • Sustainable urban and interregional mobility
  • Low-emission, optimized traffic
  • Integrated street lighting
  • Energy management for urban quarters
  • Integrated urban infrastructures

The Concept

[ui!] was founded in 2012 to support cities in their efforts to jointly develop innovative concepts and solutions in the sense of data sovereignty for intelligent communities and regions and to use them sensibly.
Today, the [ui!] Group consists of five locations in Germany and offices in Brisbane (Australia), Budapest (Hungary), Oxford (UK) and New York (USA).

Our Strengths

The focus of our activities is on cloud-based Smart Services to provide existing urban real-time data from Open Urban Data Platforms, urban infrastructure (intelligent street lighting, environmental sensor technology), sustainable mobility, intelligent energy management and other urban data as added value for residents.

Our Customers

We support cities, districts, communities and regions on the way to SMART CITY / SMART REGION. From the first idea to the realisation we are at your side as a competent partner and can draw from an extensive collection of blueprints and the associated experience in implementation. With this collected knowledge we can advise you holistically and are at your disposal as "Trusted Advisor".

Would you like to learn more about our solutions?

We are also available for demonstrations at our branches in Berlin, Darmstadt, München, Walldorf oder Chemnitz.

Your contact persons

Prof. Dr. Dr. e.h.

Lutz Heuser

CEO, CTO & Co-Founder
[ui!] Urban Software Institute

Tino Baumann

CFO & Co-Founder of [ui!]

Frank Neumann

Managing Director
[ui!] Urban Software Institute

Matthias Weis

CEO, [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations GmbH

Dr. Gadi Lenz

Chief Scientist

Dr. Manuel Görtz

Product Director [ui!] Analytics

Jürgen Mück

Product Manager, [ui!] TRAFFIC

Markus Bachleitner

Director Smart Data

Dirk Heuser

Director Marketing & Kommunikation

Peter Wichert

Global Sales Manager

Christian Seibert

Director Sales

Stephan Borgert

Research Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Simon Kaplan

CEO, [ui!] Australia

Prof. Dr. László Vajta

CEO, [ui!] Hungary

Jason Warwick

Director, [ui!]uk

Antony Page

Director, [ui!]uk

We have already received numerous awards for our solutions and activities in the Smart City area.

Cooperation Partner

Research Partner


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Would you like to know more about our solutions?

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