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Mobility concept Allgäu


Equalization at the parking lots Alatsee and Hinterstein, more to follow
The two most popular parking lots in the Allgäu region are now digitalized: the parking lot at Alatsee near Füssen and the Hinterstein parking lot in Bad Hindelang. Digital signs and innovative apps show the occupancy already a few kilometers before the destination. This eliminates time-consuming and annoying parking searches. This was preceded by the HotSpot analysis carried out together with Allgäu GmbH and the [ui!] Urban Software Institute in cooperation with Green City Experience and Fraunhofer IML, which classified these two parking spaces as particularly urgent. This means that one measure of the Allgäu mobility concept has been implemented.

Alatsee: traffic jams and long waiting times are a thing of the past
One of the target areas of the digitization project as part of the Allgäu mobility concept includes the parking lots around the popular Alatsee lake. Traffic jams and long waiting times when looking for a parking space had to be put up with until now. The newly installed, digital signs show visitors already at the last parking and turnaround possibility at the Weißensee parking lot whether there are still free parking spaces and whether it is worthwhile to continue the journey.

This is made possible by a digital measurement of the incoming and outgoing traffic (source-destination traffic), which displays the specific number of vehicles at the Alatsee parking lot on a digital traffic sign. Füssen's mayor Maximilian Eichstetter supports the digitalization project for regional destinations: "In addition to the parking guidance system currently being developed for Füssen and neighboring towns, this is another piece of the puzzle on the way to providing better information for our guests."

Hinterstein: putting an end to wild parking
Parkplatz auf der Höh Hinterstein Bad Hindelang Markt Bad HindelangIn another target area in Bad Hindelang, district Hinterstein, there are also frequent traffic disruptions due to heavy parking search traffic and occupied parking spaces due to the high number of visitors. Unfortunately, this leads to overflow parking, which causes additional problems and disturbances for local residents. In the future, this situation should be improved by providing information about the current parking situation in Hinterstein on digital traffic signs already at the parking lot "Säge". Cameras at the parking lot "auf der Höhe" and at the entrance to Hinterstein measure the number of road users and display it on a digital board. "For a long time we have been working on solutions to get the parking and traffic problem in Hinterstein under control. So far, the volunteer fire department has supported us. Now it's digital solutions that should help us make it more bearable for residents and visitors. We are pleased that we have already been able to implement the first measures with the support of Allgäu GmbH and as part of our planning for the parking guidance system," comments Eric Enders, second mayor of Bad Hindelang, on the new digital support.

Navigation devices and radio announcements
The data collected from the two parking lots will be additionally analyzed and made available for further use for digital visitor guidance with the help of information systems and apps. Announcements on the radio and in the route information of navigation devices will also follow. This will enable visitors to find out about the current status of available parking spaces at an early stage when they start their journey and plan their route accordingly.

Regional tourism traffic optimized
Parkplatz Alatsee Füssen Stadt FüssenThe managing director of Allgäu GmbH, Klaus Fischer is thrilled that thanks to the participation of both communities, pragmatic results for visitors and locals could be implemented after a short time: "Our goal of the mobility concept was to quickly offer solutions for locals and guests. With the digitization of the parking lots, we are taking an important step forward in the Allgäu. The parking lots at Alatsee and Hinterstein are the first immediate measures, with more to follow."

With the support of the [ui!] Urban Software Institute and Bernard Technologies, Allgäu GmbH has succeeded in achieving initial success in optimizing regional tourism traffic by setting up and carrying out parking space measurements. In a further step, the concrete benefits of the digitization project will be measured and evaluated during the summer and fall visitor traffic. It will be investigated whether car drivers have adhered to the displays. And whether this has reduced or even eliminated traffic jams, parking search traffic and parking search times. The survey will also determine what residents and visitors think of the mini-parking guidance system. The experience gained here will be incorporated into further plans and measures over the next year.

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