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deployEMDS - Realization of a European mobility data space

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Exciting news on mobility data and digital infrastructures in Europe

The two [ui!] team members - Dr. Gadi Lenz and Dr. Mátyás Szántó have written an informative status report on the "deployEMDS" project, which is taking a groundbreaking step towards the realization of a European mobility data space. After completing the preparatory phase through the Digital Europe Coordination and Support Action (CSA) called PrepDSpace4Mobility, the project is moving into the implementation phase. It aims to create a secure and trustworthy data platform for the exchange of mobility data between cities in Europe, supported by the European Commission.

With nine cities on board, including Barcelona, Budapest, Flanders and Milan, deployEMDS addresses a total of 17 specific use cases. Whether integrating car sharing data into public transport apps or mobility services for people with disabilities, each scenario has been carefully selected to meet local relevance and needs.

One highlight is the Budapest Pilot, which offers innovative solutions for barrier-free mobility and multimodal route planning. These practical examples pave the way for an interoperable, secure and trustworthy European mobility data infrastructure.

Find out more about the exciting developments and how this step is paving the way for sustainable, connected and accessible mobility across Europe.

Read the full report and findings here: