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A milestone for forest fire research

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Successful research trip to La Palma: a milestone for the KIWA project and forest fire research

IMG 20240305 131123501We are back from a very successful research trip to La Palma, which was carried out as part of the KIWA project - AI-based forest monitoring - and in cooperation with the Science School La Palma 2024 of the University of Bayreuth. Our goal was to gain deep insights into the dynamics of forest fires, especially in relation to pine forests. Thanks to the outstanding collaboration between [ui!] Urban Mobility Innovations, Quantum-Systems GmbH, the University of Bayreuth and the Deggendorf Institute of Technology, we took a decisive step forward. Our Director Applied AI & Innovation Tobias Heuser from [ui!] was also present.

Using cutting edge technology, including Quantum-Systems' Trinity Pro drones, we have been able to capture color imagery, multispectral imagery and lidar data of wildfire areas with ground-level precision of up to 1.5 cm and over areas of up to 120 hectares per flight. This high-resolution data, combined with satellite data, field surveys on the ground, our open urban data platform [ui!] UrbanPulse and [ui!] ANALYTICS, allows us to achieve unprecedented accuracy and consistency in our datasets.

We now want to use our data to develop a better understanding of the factors that promote forest fires and their spread. The knowledge gained promises to make a significant contribution to protecting our forests and minimizing the impact of forest fires.

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