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[ui!] UrbanPulse as Management & Analytics Platform in Australia

Ene.Hub has chosen [ui!] UrbanPulse for the development of a Management & Anlytics platform. It is the basis for the monitoring of the intelligent Smart.Node lamp-posts and was especially adapted to the appearance of Ene.Hub.

The infrastructure of smart cities, counties or regions offers an excellent opportunity to improve the safety, efficiency and quality of life of their inhabitants.

The Australian company ENE.HUB offers with its IOT data and analytics platform 'e3', a unique opportunity to visualize all urban data based on the [ui!] UrbanPulse, due to the open architecture, analysis capability, flexibility and usability of the data platform. This gives local government officials a simple and effective means of monitoring and controlling their urban services. Seamless integration of existing systems as well as new investments allow sophisticated data analysis and a comprehensive presentation of existing urban data in real-time. In addition to the benefits for citizens, processes at public authorities can also be simplified and thus become more effective.

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