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[ui!] support Walldorf and Wiesloch at WIN competition

Bahnhof WalldorfWiesloch

Walldorf and Wiesloch are looking to the future and are jointly participating in an innovative state competition. With "RegioWIN 2030", a "real laboratory for networked commuter mobility" could be created here if the dual centre is awarded the contract. In this case, "WIN" stands for "competitiveness through innovation and sustainability". 

The [ui!] group of companies was commissioned by the Rhein-Neckar district to support the Zweckverband MetropolPark Wiesloch-Walldorf in the application for the installation of a "real laboratory for networked sustainable commuter mobility" as part of "RegioWIN 2030". In numerous workshops, the partners involved and the special-purpose association worked together on the draft proposal for the state competition under the leadership of [ui!] and developed a solid and future-oriented concept. 

The aim of the project is to create a new awareness of mobility in order to redirect the high commuter flows in the Wiesloch-Walldorf economic area from cars to more sustainable, climate-friendly means of transport. Based on a recent survey, around 75% of all journeys in this region are still made by car and only 25% are made by the environmental alliance, with insufficient information available on mobility needs. 

Planned mobility solutions in their entirety should lead to a strengthening of the industrial-commercial structures and at the same time increase the environmental and quality of life in the region, by identifying and directing traffic flows more precisely and providing incentives for a switch to the environmental alliance (e.g. bike sharing).

At the same time, the test field for tele-operated vehicles on the HDM Digital Campus of Things (DCoT) will create an attractive innovation ecosystem for the development of economically viable AI solutions in public transport (technology transfer).

As part of the consortium, [ui!] supports this initiative by developing and operating a mobility platform for the Zweckverband MetropolPark Wiesloch-Walldorf based on [ui!] M2LIFE together with partners (VRN and SAP). This will provide the participating municipalities with mobility data on all commuter flows for the first time and enable them to use this data for sustainable mobility planning and control.

Although "only" a narrow second place with 450 of 500 possible points (only 11 points away from the winning project from Mannheim) was awarded in November in the prioritisation of projects for the state in the RegioWIN2030 competition, the Committee for Regional Development and Regional Management of the Rhine-Neckar Regional Association was confident that the real laboratory of the Wiesloch-Walldorf economic area will also be supported as a beacon project in the future.

For further information see the article in the pdfRhein-Neckar-zeitung of 12.11.2020