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[ui!] SmartReady Pole

Cairns imHLaQ1 2017 [ui!] the urban institute installed their first locally-developed multifunctional lampposts in Cairns.

Close to the Botanic Gardens [ui!] installed six [ui] SmartReady poles. Three of this poles have Public WIFI, Environmental Sensors, CCTV, and Emergency calling installed. The other three poles are prepared and ready to install new Smart City hardware in the future.

All six [ui!] SmartReady poles have high quality LED luminaires with smart light management hardware controlled over motion sensors.

This system allows you to control the brightness of the luminaire. In the night you can set the level of brightness down to 10% and can save energy, Co2 and cost.

Once the motion sensor detects a person the brightness will rise up on 100% in two seconds. The sensors can distinguish between people and small native animals, and the light levels are not raised unless people are detected. All brightness levels can be set up by the client for highest flexibility.

[ui!] SmartReady Poles are 85%-locally sourced from Australian companies. SmartReady poles are power coated galvanised steel for strength and durability, and are flange-mounted.

[ui!] SmartReady poles are manufactured in Australia to Australian specifications, to stand up to Australian conditions. With [ui!] SmartReady Poles you can be confident that you’re putting your city’s best face forward.