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STR - Trend-setting lighthouse project for visitor management for day trippers

STR 04

🌄 Intelligent control of tourist traffic through AI in Bavaria!

STR 08STR 08The "Smart Tourism Region (STR)" research project was presented today to the President of the Bavarian State Parliament, Ilse Aigner, and the Bavarian State Minister for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism, Michaela Kaniber - whose ministry is funding the project - at a press event at the Schliersee Museum of Local History.
In their speeches, both politicians emphasized "that the STR project is regarded by the Bavarian state government as a pioneering lighthouse project for visitor management for day trips".

The STR project, implemented by the REO in cooperation with the district and the local authorities, enables the development of a digital visitor guidance system by collecting various real-time data from 🚗 traffic and parking sensors in combination with other sources such as Bayerncloud, Mobilithek, OpenWeatherMap and the regional data hub.
All data is compiled on the open urban data platform [ui!] UrbanPulse, analyzed and prepared for further processing by selected third parties, in specialist applications and for visualization.

STR 06

📢 The aim is to obtain a holistic picture of the traffic and parking situation in the region. Possible alternative routes can be developed and suggested with the help of AI forecasts on parking space utilization as well as transit and parking search traffic. The use of [ui!] ANALYTICS helps to process the collected data information in such a way that visitor flows can be optimally managed.

[ui!] is delighted to be part of this forward-looking project, which intelligently directs tourist traffic in the right direction and to the right parking spaces, thus creating an optimal compromise for tourists and local residents.

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