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Schréder and [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations partner up for a holistic Smart City solution suite

Schréder and [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations share one vision: They are both led by one purpose: to make an impact that matters. Cities are the best place to make a change in the happiness of people, in the competitiveness of the economy, and in the sustainability of the planet. Both companies aim to improve quality of life in cities and regions all around the world through smart cities and smart solutions.

At the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona, Schréder and [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations are thoughtleaders of the global ecosystem of urban innovators and present their solutions for smarter and more liveable cities.

Why start with the street lighting?

City and street lighting are existing infrastructures in every city and community perfectly suited to host the growing demand of smart city infrastructure. "Thanks to LED technology, the city can already significantly reduce its energy consumption while being an entry point of the overall digitization of public infrastructure. Our poles are the ideal hub to host also telecommunications functions such as WiFi or the upcoming 5G network," says Constanze von Mühlenfels, Managing Director of Schréder GmbH.

Schréder has been working with cities in the past 112 years, helping them to design, implement, and operate solutions for their most complex problems when it comes to public street lighting.

Public Safety and Security are among the most pressures demands which can be well-addressed with our SOS modules and CCTV infrastructure to capture audio- and video information for sophisticated analytics. Sustainability and in particular climate change and health require better insight into air pollution which will be provided by our integrated sensors for temperature, noise, Co2, Ozon, NOX and particle matters, of which the related air quality index will be calculated. Together with our own ambition of reducing the environmental impact of street lighting by using the Owlet telemanagement system for adaptive lighting, the strategic partnership of Schréder and [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations provide cities the best in class fit to address the environmental challenges of today. Closely related and top issue of all city leaders are the growing demand on traffic and related to this available parking. Our poles host traffic flow and smart parking devices, too. They offer real-time analytics of traffic flow and the availability of parking spaces. As any dedicated place in the city is different, our poles can be customized to the individual requirements of each area.

To store, analyse and visualise data in real-time, [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations is using [ui!] UrbanPulse and [ui!] COCKPIT, the flag ship product of the [ui!] group. [ui!] UrbanPulse is open to connect data of any system and any vendor – mandatory requirements to create added value by reuse and repurpose of urban data and to avoid vendor-locks. „The ownership and sovereignty of data remains with our customers. All [ui!] solutions are in compliance of standards like the DIN SPEC 91347 for integrated multifunctional humble lamppost and DIN SPEC 91357 for open urban platforms“, confirms Matthias Weis, CEO of [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations.

Co-creation and co-innovation are fundamental to our society and thus it has been a natural choice of Schréder and [ui!] Urban lighting Innovations to partner for a holistic Smart City solution suite.

Schréder and [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations also present successful reference projects and a co-developed air quality module for the Schréder Shuffle, as well as their solution offering at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2019. 

We look forward to meeting you on booth E567 (Schréder) and A141 ([ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations.