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RealLabHH picks up speed - new website gives info!

uiTP2 RealLabHH

[ui!] is involved in the Reallabor Hamburg (RealLabHH) in the development of the seamless integration of all mobility options for "Intermodal Travel".

To the RealLabHH:
In the Reallabor Hamburg, the mobility of tomorrow will be tested in the here and now of a metropolis and, as a result, a blueprint for the digital mobility of the future will be created. The social debate on digital mobility services is at the center of this in order to provide important insights into which approaches will prove themselves in practice. The planned eleven sub-projects of RealLabHH range from mobility budgets instead of company cars to the creation of a provider-independent mobility platform and solutions for particularly vulnerable participants in road traffic.

[ui!] is involved in this project, subproject 2 - Data Interatkion and Sovereignty..
The goal is to develop a demonstrator for the world's largest congress for intelligent transport systems and services (ITS), in Hamburg from October 11 to 15. This demonstrator will enable the greatest possible mobility, with the help of an app, that is flexible and individually tailored to the user. A door-to-door travel service between Hamburg and Berlin will be implemented as a demonstrator using the IDS / GAIA-X data sovereignty standard. This IDS / GAIA-X based data space creates benefits for all stakeholders: citizens benefit from improved travel options, mobility providers from new business opportunities and the environment from reduced CO2 emissions.

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