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New Corona Tile for Darmstadt COCKPIT

Covid19 Kachel Darmstadt

Die neue und innovative Datenplattform der Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt ( wurde mit technischer Unterstützung vom [ui!] Urban Software Institute mit einer aktuellen Corona-Kachel ergänzt.

From now on, interested citizens can find daily updated data on local Corona infections at a glance. From the current figures of the 7-day incidence to the number of infected persons and vaccinations carried out, to the sad number of citizens from Darmstadt who died from Corona.

Mayor Jochen Partsch: „Hardly any other data situation is keeping us as busy at the moment as that of the Corona infection. The pandemic has determined our everyday life for more than a year with far-reaching regulations and provisions. This is exactly why it is important to provide transparency and insight into the current data situation regarding Corona in our city, which we are now realizing through our new data platform and the Digital City Darmstadt.“

The state of Hesse is funding the data platform project with around 800,000 euros. The Hessian Digital Minister, Prof. Dr. Kristina Sinemus, emphasizes: „Well-prepared data from secure sources are the core of a smart city, strengthen the trust of citizens, and make the complex task and organizational structures, as well as decisions in a large city like Darmstadt, more comprehensible. The integration of daily updated data on Corona infection events have a direct benefit for citizens, but also for political decision makers. This application impressively demonstrates the benefit that a data platform can offer in a smart community.“

The following data is presented on a daily basis regarding the course of the pandemic in Darmstadt:

covid Cockpit 027-day incidence: This value is used to assess the current corona situation (in Darmstadt) by recording increases and decreases in reported infections.

The figure shows the registered Corona cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last seven days. The underlying data come from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), which receives the new infections from the health authorities (nationwide) every working day.


covid Cockpit 02Infected Persons: Number of persons currently infected with Corona who have been reported to the health department through an official testing site.




covid Cockpit 02Vaccinations (1. and 2. vaccination): Data on vaccinations performed is fed into the Darmstadt data platform every evening and includes vaccinations performed either at the Darmstadt Vaccination Center, in hospitals or by mobile teams on that day (e.g., occupational vaccinations of rescue workers, school/daycare staff, etc.).

It is not possible to draw conclusions about the number of people vaccinated in Darmstadt, as there is no breakdown by place of residence and people living outside Darmstadt may also be included. For example, in the period from January 19 to February 9, the Darmstadt vaccination center was also the regional vaccination center for the Darmstadt-Dieburg district, the Bergstrasse district, the Groß-Gerau district and the Odenwald district.

covid Cockpit 02Deceased: Number of persons in Darmstadt who died due to their Corona infection or as a result of a comorbidity/consequential illness.




The data platform of the City of Science Darmstadt is one of the implemented digitalization projects that is jointly coordinated and implemented by Digitalstadt Darmstadt GmbH with partners such as [ui!].

José David da Torre Suaréz, Managing Director of the city subsidiary Digital City: „We are continuously working on the further development of the data platform, which has been publicly available since the beginning of this year and is constantly being adapted to the needs of users. We have now implemented an application of this kind with the "Corona Map Table".“

Prof. Dr. Dr. e.h. Lutz Heuser, CEO of [ui!] Urban Software Institute emphasizes: „We are pleased that we were able to add such important data tiles on the current Corona situation to the data platform of the city of Darmstadt and hope that this possibility of direct citizen information will be adopted by numerous other communities in Hesse."

 Source: Presseinfo der Digitalstadt Darmstadt v. 11.05.2021