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Member of the Hesse state parliament visit [ui!] Darmstadt

Frau Klaff-Isselmann zu Besuch bei [ui!] Darmstadt

State politician Irmgard Klaff-Isselmann tests solution for assisted driving in the Smart City

Darmstadt/ Berlin, 16.12.2016. The citizens of Darmstadt are used to heavy traffic, long searches for parking and high exhaust pollution. As a member of the Hesse state parliament, Irmgard Klaff-Isselmann got a first-hand impression in Darmstadt how these issues can be improved.

At the beginning of her visit at the office of [ui!] - the urban institute® in Darmstadt, Ms Klaff-Isselmann got to know about the new developments of mobility concepts in German, European and international Smart Cities. To realise these concepts, the digitisation of urban infrastructures is necessary. Therefore, the basis for innovative and smart transport solutions is the development of necessary standards.

[ui!], together with partners and the German Institute for Standardisation, DIN, developed two standards for open urban platforms and smart street lamps, which will be presented at the beginning of next year as DIN SPECs.

Which solutions are already in practice in Darmstadt, show cases Prof. Lutz Heuser, the CEO of [ui!] - the urban institute. The overall focus is the award-winning open-data-platform for traffic data of the city of Darmstadt that is a pioneer of the digitisation of the mobility sector in Germany. The provision of data for citizens as well as for companies and the automotive industry is the basis for new digital services for traffic liquefaction and creates the conditions for ecological driving through driver assistance systems.

Following the informational part, Ms Klaff-Isselmann tests the innovative solution [ui!] TRAFFIC herself on a drive through Darmstadt.

Frau Klaff-Isselmann zu Besuch bei [ui!] DarmstadtA tablet in the vehicle displays the upcoming traffic light with a corresponding "green phases prediction". Using this information, the engine control will be able to identify and adjust to the "right" speed for a personal green wave. Thus, emerges the concept of a cruise control for ecologic driving through the city, which leads to substantial reduction of exhaust emissions and fuel. For the first time, this system was successfully implemented on a test track in Darmstadt and tested by the automotive industry.

"The digitisation of urban infrastructures progresses. Politicians and decision makers must be made aware, to use new innovative solutions, so that the cities become a part of the innovation process. The public demand can be a decisive impulse," explains Prof. Lutz Heuser, co-founder and executive director of the Urban Software Institute.

"I am pleased that we have such an innovative company in Darmstadt which focuses on the future. It is not a coincidence that our city has the title 'city of science'." When new ideas help us to avoid congestion and finding parking faster, it is worthy of our support," says member of state parliament Imgard Klaff-Iseelmann.