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Matthias Weis talks about resilient cities and pandemic outbreaks

MatthiasWeisHuman history has taught us that pandemic outbreaks occur every now and then, disrupting human activity, posing a big hurdle to national health systems and imposing heavy consequences on world economies. While it has been a long time since such an outbreak affected the world economies so hard, this Covid-19 outbreak allows us to think about the role played by smart city technology and city management in order to anticipate, evaluate, monitor and act in the recovery of future cities.

That is why this month, we are dedicating a series of posts to interviews with prominent scientists and thinkers who have dedicated their lives to the ‘resilient cities’ topic. How does technology help in managing future and current pandemic outbreaks? What sort of technology is there to anticipate and manage future outbreaks? What are their expectations for tomorrow?

Matthias Weis is the Managing Director of [ui!] Urban Lighting Innovations GmbH, which designs and implements independent, complete solutions for the digitalisation of public infrastructure in a forward-lookingmanner on national and international levels. He has been working intensively on the digital transformation of infrastructure since 2012. Overall, he can look back on more than 25 years of experience in the fields of street lighting and energy. In 2016 he received the Digital Leader Award from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and in 2017 was named one of the 100 most innovative people in Germany by the business magazine “Handelsblatt”. Matthias Weis was born in Heidelberg in 1974.

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