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Finally - All communities can now become smart(er) with just a few clicks!


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10 years of experience with the development of Open Urban Platforms and the implementation and realization of over 100 applications to support the digitalization of communities, have shown us that every community, city or region can become smart(er). Which is why we believe - the time is ripe for new, innovative steps towards a sustainable, digital future for your community.

Our response to this is: [ui!] AGORA – the marketplace for budding and evolving smart communities.

[ui!] AGORA sees itself as the first nationwide, open marketplace for Smart City / Smart Region solutions, analyses, products and services from different providers, which you can compile and configure yourself, specifically for your needs.

ALL communities, local companies, utilities and anyone who wants to use local data can take advantage of a wide range of smart options for using a wide variety of urban data. 


At you will find, among other things, offers for the use of data for the areas of urban and regional planning, the operation of communal infrastructures, the recording of current emergency situations, for example in crisis management or disaster control, and many other application scenarios.

But the marketplace can do much more: Configure your individual traffic and parking space analyses with just a few clicks and with the support of our data configurator - for the purpose of visitor guidance in tourism, for determining commuter mobility in metropolitan regions, for parking space detection at P&R spaces for the transition to public transport or the environmentally sensitive control of street lighting - to name just a few examples.

The analyses are created from several terabytes of data sets and with the support of our experts, largely automated and are thus available within a very short time. This gives you an impression of the traffic situation over the last three months and enables you to develop optimization strategies for the future of your community. Further, individualized analyses are of course possible at any time upon request.

In our tested offers from a wide range of providers in the [ui!] AGORA marketplace, you will find, among other things, introductory or strategic consulting, starter packages for selected use cases, training & tutorials on open municipal data platforms, and a constantly growing range of services. This means that every community can now individually select and combine its entry into digitalization.

And the best for the end! [ui!] AGORA offers not only sophisticated, but also affordable Smart City / Smart Region offerings.

Just start small and grow with your experiences and needs.

See for yourself and start your Smart City / Smart Region future now - [ui!] AGORA is waiting for you at