Trusted Advisor

[ui!] - the urban institute was founded in 2012 with a charter to work closely with the European Innovation Partnership “Smart Cities and Communities”.

business meeting group on circular table[ui!] GROUP now assists cities in Germany, other European countries, the United States of America and Australia in their efforts to implement innovative concepts and solutions to achieve ambitious climate change objectives. Mitigating climate change, benefits to citizens and commercially successful services and solutions are not mutually exclusive aims. Instead, they make up a sustainable alliance for the future of urban spaces.

As a trusted advisor, [ui!] helps a city to define their smarter city strategy, including the business case to make the solution viable. This is followed by a proof of concept and – based on the results – a city-wide implementation. We support cities and communities with solutions and knowledge to cope with the challenges of urbanization, low budgets and put a lot of work into developing the necessary digital technology for the requirements of a functioning urban infrastructure.

For this process, it is necessary to have standards and to be in contact with cities, companies and organziations to prepare the cities for the future.

[ui!] as trusted advisor works together as :

Chairman & Founder of Smart City Forum (SCF), Germany
Representative of the SCF at the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities
Member of the German Institute for Standardization (DIN) group on Smart Cities, Germany
Member of the FhG Morgenstadt/ City of the Future Initiative, Germany
Member of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, USA
Member of the Australian Smart Communities Association, Australia